bitterfig (bitterfig) wrote in yuridrabbles,

Simoun drabble (Dominura/Limone)

Author: Bitterfig
Title: Emerald and Teal
Fandom: Simoun
Pairing: Dominura/Limone
Word Count: 110
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for the series.
Author’s Note: This is set around the time of the final episode of the Simoun anime. It was written for femslash100 Challenge #133: Green.

Emerald and Teal


The teal haired child I swept away with my ambitions has grown into a woman here, in this place where all my memories are in the future.


You were a tool to me.

Your brilliant mind, your pure and tender heart were for me the means to attain the Emerald Ri Majon.

To me, the Emerald Ri Majon was the shining star, the fulfillment of all things.

To you, it was a step along the way. A confession of love rather than a final consummation. A beginning rather than an end.

Is this why I fade away into the clouds while you walk with certainty into the future?

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