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Yuri Drabbles

Got yuri?

Yuri and Shoujo-Ai Drabbles
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Welcome to yuridrabbles, the community for short works with a yuri theme.

How it Works

1.) Every week I’ll post a challenge.
2.) You write drabbles based on the challenge.
3.) NEW AS OF 17/05/05 (but only because I'm a dumbass and forgot to include this in the rules originally): You can also post *any* yuri or shoujo-ai related drabbles to this community. They don't have to be based on the challenges.

And that’s about it. ^_~


1.) For this community, consider a drabble a short work of fiction anywhere between 100 and 500 words long.
2.) Obviously your drabbles must have a shoujo-ai or yuri theme.
3.) Going with the above rule, this community will be dedicated to drabbles based on anime, manga, video games and other Japanese material. There are other communities for f/f slash.
4.) The challenges posted will have no closing date or deadline. This is a low pressure community. You can post a response to a challenge a year after it was posted if you want to. Just write whatever and whenever you’re inspired to.
5.) You can submit as many responses to each challenge as you want. The more the merrier.
6.) There will be no prizes or anything like that. Like I said, low pressure. The reward should be the pleasure of writing some lovely yuri drabbles and sharing them with a community of like-minded fans. ^_~
7.) NEW AS OF 17/05/05: You can also post any yuri or shoujo-ai related drabbles you want to that aren't related to the challenges. As long as your works are drabble length (100-500 words or so) and have a yuri or shoujo-ai theme, go ahead and post away!

This community is modded by elsewherecw. Other comms I mod include:
kinksquickwrite (Co-mod.)
chrno_yuri (Co-mod.)

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