Laquandus Marion (angelronin) wrote in yuridrabbles,
Laquandus Marion

A Saki Drabble

Title: Goodnight Princess
Author: angelronin
Pairing: Touka/Haijime
Fandom: Saki
Rating: K
Word Count: 250

After Touka read a bedtime story to Koromo, she and Haijime prepare going to bed. “Tousa I understand that Koromo is your cousin but why she need put to sleep by reading her a bedtime story?”

“Even she’s my blood relative and a few months older than me, Koromo still acting like a child,” Touka explains. “Besides me only person left besides my parents she has after the accident claiming her parents,” They left from Koromo’s room and head toward Touka’s room.

“Good night Touka-sama seeing you in the morning,” Haijime about to walk to her own room, Touka stops Haijime. “Haijime you don’t have call me Touka-sama only you’re in my father presence.”
“Sorry Touka force of habit,” Haijime is apologizing to Touka.

“You don’t need to apology to me, we are friends. Haijime it maybe embarrassing but please sleep in my room with me tonight?” Haijime thought of the request weird then she realize something.

“Oh you’re afraid of the dark and having somebody being your body pillow,”

Touka was surprise. “W-What I’m not afraid of the dark! I don’t want any disgusting bedbugs invading my beautiful sleep,” Touka is commenting while blushing furiously.

“I glad to serve you, Touka and don’t deny you have a sweet side,” Haijime was chuckling.

When they got in the bed, Touka and Hajime start to lie down. “Touka I know your true self, the sweet and kind person nobody knows the real reason that I love you,” They draft to sleep.

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