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Laquandus Marion

Rumble Roses Drabble

Author: angelronin
Title: Moonlight Dance
Fandom: Rumble Roses
Pairing: Candy Cane/Makoto
Rating: Mature
Warning: Lemon

At moonless night where two figure danced to game love and lust.

The kiss is filling with passion, with yarning, souls crying to each other. The figure on top have predatory grin on her and start teasing her partner.

She then use her hands one of her lover’s mounds. To play with them, feeling them, and cupping them. It gives her a small sigh.

She start giving small kisses on them, tasting the essence from it. The person is looking at her lover longingly and closing her eyes feeling the sensation.

Lust fill her eyes when she pinning her girlfriend’s arms to the sides and continue to sucking on her breasts.

A bright idea came to her and decide release her arms. She cut off the lights and her lover was puzzle by her decision.

Suddenly her eyes were cover by blindfold. “Don’t worry anything be okay,” She gave her some reassurance. “Now I want you stay still for moment,”

She resumes to kissing her and start massaging her breasts utilizing her touch getting her sense of her touch.

The sensation upon again felt her lover’s body and quivering by the excitement of it.

After another lust-filled kiss, she continuing to please her and teasing unmercifully. “Please keep going,” She beg for more.

She alternate playing her breasts and playing her nipples. At point she did response to her lover’s touch.

They look at the other’s eyes and seeing depth of trust within them. A soulful kiss shares by the two seal the deal.

“Thanks Candy for the night I’m gratitude for spending the time with you,” Said Makoto.

“No problem Makoto next time you be a little more aggressive and stop little passive during sex,” Said Candy Cane

Both of them sink into slumber for the night.

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