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"Sacred Heart" Arashi/Karen X1999

Author: Bitterfig

Title: Sacred Heart

Fandom: X/1999

Pairing: Arashi/Karen

Summary: Karen burned with sensuality.  Arashi felt cold.

Word Count: 169

Rating: PG

Warnings: LIttle hint of yuri.

Author's Note: Written for challenge #107: Fire at [info]femslash100.

Sacred Heart



Karen wore red, red stockings, garter belt, a red satin teddy.  She burned with sensuality.  At the sight of her, Arashi (in her schoolgirl uniform with her geometric hair) turned away.   


“I expected you to disapprove of me,” Karen said.  “But you seem almost ashamed.  Tell me, what’s wrong.”    


“Compared to you I am so cold,” Arashi said. “Icy.  A frigid virgin.  Sometimes I wish I was fire, like you.” 


“I never chose to command fire,” Karen said.  “Or to live by my body.  I’ve learned to accept who I am but for a long time both my power and my profession seemed like a curse.   Once, I dreamed of being a nun, a holy woman, like you.” 


Arashi looked at Karen’s face.  She seemed to glow with the inner light of a sacred, flaming heart.  Her face lit like a sunset beneath her pink hair.  She radiated warmth, both of compassion and of sensuality. 


“But you’re beautiful,” Arashi whispered.  “So beautiful, the way you are.”


“As are you.”

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